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Urologist Dr. Erik Schulten

Dr. Erik Schulten, Urologist in Benalmadena

Dr. Erik Schulten, Urologist, studied medicine in Barcelona, Spain, and Wuerzburg, Germany. He continued to be trained as a specialist in urology in different hospitals in Germany. After having worked as a urologist in a hospital in Germany he decided to move to the warmer climate of Marbella, near Malaga, in the south of Spain, where he opened his own private out- patient clinic for urology. Besides attending patient in his clinic he worked  as a urologist and a coordinator in other private clinics in the area of Malaga.

The standard urology problems treated by Dr. Erik Schulten are infection and diseases of the male and female urine tract, diseases of the male sexual organs and inflammation and diseases of the prostate. Sexual hormonal diseases of the man are also his specialty.

He was recently rewarded a special recognition by ’Malaga Health Association’  for his work in the subject of fusion biopsy of the prostate and focal therapy of prostate cancer.

Minor surgical procedures like a circuncision can be performed by Dr. Erik Schulten under local anaesthetics, using the facilities and special instruments of Clinica SANDALF. Other surgical interventions would be performed in a near by private hospital. Most of these procedures can be done as a day case procedure, but Dr. Erik Schulten would come in every day to visit you and take care care of you should you have to stay over night.

Dr. Erik Schulten attends patients in our clinic by appointment only, so please click here if you would like to see a urologist in Benalmadena.

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