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Ophthalmologist – Eye Specialist in Benalmadena

Our Consultant Ophthalmologist (Eye Specialist) Dr. Mariano Salvaterra can perform all usual eye tests in our out- patient clinic Clinica SANDALF, using the available specialist equipment. This includes measuring the eye ball pressure, check for macula degeneration or so called diabetic retinopathy. The appropriate out- patient treatment can be initiated immediately and all necessary follow up consultations would be performed by Ophthalmologist Dr. Mariano Salvaterra in Clinica SANDALF.

Should a surgical procedure be needed Ophthalmologist Dr. Mariano Salvaterra would perform this in a private hospital in Malaga. This includes cataract op, intra- ocular lenses and surgery for presbyopia (’tired eye’). Most surgeries can be performed as day case procedure. The pre- operative consultation and planing of the procedure, and all post- operative follow ups would be performed by him using the facilities of Clinica SANDALF.

Ophthalmologist Dr. Mariano Salvaterra has performed part of his specialist training in the USA and therefor speaks, a part from Spanish, fluently English.

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