Paying for your treatment

If your treatment is covered under your international private medical insurance, they may be able to pay for your treatment directly. We only work with foreign private insurances and unfortunately not with any Spanish private insurance. Although some of those Spanish insurances might pay up to  80–90% of our fees, so please check with your insurance broker.

In case of out- patient treatment you will have to pay for the treatment on the day of the treatment. You can than claim the amount back from your insurance using the itemized invoice you will be provided with. In case of any in- patient procedure, including day case procedures, we will get payment confirmation from your insurance and no payment would be required from your side.

We will get in touch with your insurance, including in urgent cases, and ask them to provide us with a letter of guarantee of payment. This will allow us and the cooperating private hospital to deal directly with the insurance company, and no payment will be required from your side. Some insurance plans include a certain excess rate, which could be up to 20% of the total bill, that you would have to pay.

In case that no insurance company will cover the in- patient procedure, and no letter of guarantee of payment can be provided, a deposit, in relevance to the type of procedure, would be required at the time of the pre- operative consultation.

Under certain circumstances a payment plan can be discussed. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us with any further questions you might have.

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