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Urology in Benalmadena / Arroyo de la Miel

Our urologist Dr. Erik Schulten can perform all standard diagnostic physical explorations using the facilities of Clinica SANDALF. This includes taking the exact relevant medical history – Anamnesis, the appropriate physical exam and, if needed, taking blood and urine samples for laboratory tests. The results of those samples would be available within 48 hours. They would be discussed with you in details during the next consultation with our urologist Dr. Erik Schulten, and the adequate therapy would be explained and most certainly initiated immediately. He would also use ultrasound scan, available at Clinica SANDALF, to verify or specify the possible diagnosis.

The standard urological conditions treated by Dr. Erik Schulten are incontinence, infection of the sexual organs and the urine tract, and sexual diseases of men.

Minor surgical procedures like the circumcision can be performed by Dr. Erik Schulten using the special facilities of Clinica SANDALF, under local anaesthetics. This means there is no need for hospital admission, and you would return home immediately after the surgery. All other surgical interventions, that would require either spinal or general anaesthetics, would be performed by him in a near by private hospital. Most procedures could be performed as a day case procedure, which means you would be admitted in the morning and could return home the afternoon of the same day. Should a over night hospital stay be indicated, Dr. Erik Schulten would visit you every day to take care of you, change the bandage, modify the medication if needed and answer any questions that you might have. All follow up consultation, following discharge from the hospital, will be done by him in Clinica SANDALF. Standard surgical procedures would be varicocelectomy (removal of ´blood clots´ in the sacrum), prostate surgery and vasectomy (´sterilization´of the man).

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