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Our UK- trained physiotherapists David Peromingo and Sandra Vincenti have many year’s experience in treating joint problems, neck- and back issues, soft tissue pathologies and post-operative rehabilitation using a holistic physiotherapeutic approach.

The facilities at Clinica SANDALF give space to all treatment options like gait training, joint mobilization, shock wave treatment, thorough assessment of the patient and post-operative rehabilitation following major joint surgery or back surgery. Both physiotherapist also visit the hospital daily to treat our patients who underwent in-patient surgical procedures.

The argentinian physiotherapist Tamara Abramovich has also had extensive training as a medical massage therapist, including lymph drainage. Both therapy approaches are used to mobilize muscular contractures, scar tissue and joint stiffness as well as significantly reduce the swelling following major limp surgery like total joint replacement to reduce post- operative recovery time.

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