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Our Finnish- trained physiotherapist Oona Nikkanen, and our in Argentina trained physiotherapist Tamara Abramovich have many years experience in treating joint problems, neck- and back issues, soft tissue (muscles, tendon, ligaments) pathologies and post-operative rehabilitation using a holistic physiotherapeutic approach. They have been part of the team Clinica SANDALF since many years and are also taking care of those patients who underwent surgical procedures performed by orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Alf Neuhaus. In addition to standard physiotherapy and rehabilitation they apply massage therapy, Kinesio- taping, shock wave therapy, lymph drainage as well as individual fitness training.

The facilities at Clinica SANDALF give space to all treatment options like gait training, joint mobilization, thorough assessment of the patient and post-operative rehabilitation following major joint surgery or back surgery. In particular the post-operative lymph drainage therapy, following lower limb surgery like hip or knee replacement, reduces the water retention and soft tissue swelling significantly and therefor improves blood supply and decreases recovery time.

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