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We have collected some of the most common questions our patients ask us in this list of frequently asked questions. We hope you find this information useful, but should you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yes, but unfortunately only with foreign private medical insurance. We do not work with any Spanish private insurance, although some of them might pay 80–90% of our fees, so please check with your insurance broker.

In case of out- patient treatment you would have to pay for the treatment immediately and claim the amount back from your insurance using the itemised invoice you will be provided with by us.

In case of any in- patient procedure, including day case procedures, we would get payment confirmation from your insurance and no payment would be required from your side.

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If you are covered by an international insurance and in case of out- patient treatment and procedures you should be able to claim the costs using the itemised invoice we will provide you with.

In case of in- patient procedures we would get in touch with your insurance, including in urgent cases, and ask them to provide us with a letter of guarantee of payment. This would allow us and the cooperating hospital to deal directly with the insurance company, and no payment would be required from your side.

In case that no insurance company would cover the in- patient procedure, and no letter of guarantee of payment can be provided, a deposit, according to the type of procedure, would be required at the time of the pre- operative consultation.

Under certain circumstances a payment plan could be discussed.

The quality of care, skills and professional training is on highest European standard, and all team members of Clinica SANDALF a frequently participating in international lectures and courses to keep it that way. The equipment and the material used is state of the art and fully licensed. This includes also the material used for the prosthetic joint replacements, like hip and knee prosthesis, made mainly of Titanium.

The private hospital used for surgical procedures are obliged to operate following international regulations and requirements established to guarantee highest quality and safeness in in- patient treatment. The hospital is undergoing yearly quality controls by an independent international committee to confirm that they comply with those regulations.

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We provide treatment to patients from all over Europe, Northern America, Canada and many other parts of the world.

Private surgery performed by orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Alf Neuhaus and his UK- trained team are always done following the international ‘golden standards’ for orthopaedic surgery. There is practically no waiting time as the team could perform surgery even on weekends, and the total costs are significantly lower compared to the UK, Northern Europe, USA and Canada, to mention only a few. 

In case of a severe emergency you should call the Spanish emergency number 112. You can also ring Dr. Alf Neuhaus, orthopaedic surgeon, on his mobile phone (+34 602 690 014), on which he is available 24/7. We can certainly help you by organizing your transport by ambulance to a nearby private hospital. We can also get in touch with the team of physicians at that hospital to initiate the appropriate treatment immediately.

In case you have suffered an accident resulting in a bone, joint or muscular injury – fractures, tendon ruptures, cuts… – orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Alf Neuhaus would take care of you from the moment of arrival in the private hospital. He would perform any surgery needed, even at night or on a weekend, and he and his UK- trained team would take care of you till hospital discharge. Any further follow up checks of the wound, radiographic images or physiotherapy would be performed in our out- patient clinic Clinica SANDALF.

Even if you do not possess any private insurance we would be happy to assist you with your transport and admission to a Spanish national health hospital.

To avoid waiting time in the clinic and due to the fact that Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr. Alf Neuhaus and his Team from Clinica SANDALF are also performing duties in a nearby private hospital, we advise you to contact us for an appointment prior to coming to the surgery.

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Should a surgical procedure be needed, either as out- patient or in- patient, your surgeon will be the one you have been seeing in Clinica SANDALF.

In case of any orthopaedic or trauma procedure it would be orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Alf Neuhaus. Should you need any procedure at your eyes it would ophthalmologist Dr. Mariano Salvaterra. And in case of any urological procedure it would be urologist Dr. Erik Schulten.

The surgeon will discuss the details of the surgical procedure with you during the pre-operative consultation in our clinic Clinica SANDALF, perform the surgery in a nearby private hospital, be responsible for the post- operative care with daily hospital visits (wound care, medication plans, etc.) until discharge, and further treatment as needed using the facilities of Clinica SANDALF.

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Yes. The initial clinical assessment, including explorations using imaging devices like X-Rays and ultrasound scans, can be performed privately using the facilities available at Clinica SANDALF.

We would provide you with a medical report in Spanish regarding the findings of the clinical assessment. The report would also include the findings of any imaging device used, like digital X-rays or ultrasound scans.

Provided with this information you could arrange an appointment with your Spanish GP, who should refer you to a Spanish orthopaedic surgeon (‘traumatologo’), who hopefully will initiate the  adequate treatment immediately.

Please be aware that even when you are under the treatment by the NHS we would always be happy to assist you should you have any questions. Just give us a ring or send us an e-mail.

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Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us should you have any further questions or to make an appointment.

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