Foot Surgery

Picture of hallux valgus before and after surgery

Foot Surgery in Benalmadena

Orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Alf Neuhaus can deal with minor problems of the feet by using the facilities of Clinica SANDALF. A hammer or claw toe deformity can be corrected under local anaesthetics, without the need for hospital admission. Therefor no need to stay starving the day of the surgery and with the possibility to go home straight afterwards. You might be limping for a couple of days or so due to the discomfort caused by the surgery itself, but would be allowed full weight bearing as pain allows from day one on. Following suture removal after about two weeks you can start with exercises like swimming. And you would be back to all types of sport activities within three to four weeks back.

Even the bunion deformity, an enlargement at the base joint of the big toe, can be operated by orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Alf Neuhaus under local anaesthetic, using the special instruments available in the operating room of Clinica SANDALF.  As with the previously mentioned surgical procedures under local anaesthetics, weight bearing would be possible immediately, although somehow uncomfortable for a couple of days. Swimming and taking a shower would be possible following suture removal after about 12 days, and back to all type of sports activities after about three weeks.

The well-known hallux valgus condition, a deformation in which the big toe displaces towards the next toe, is a pathology that, if it causes discomfort, requires an in- patient surgical procedure. Orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Alf Neuhaus would perform this either under general or epidural anaesthetics in a nearby private hospital. The hospital stay would be about two days.  As bone re-alignment would be involved in this procedure the foot would have to be protected with a special boot that you would have to wear for a total of six weeks. Orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Alf Neuhaus would come to visit you every day during your hospital stay, to make sure that all goes by the plan. All follow up consultations after hospital discharge, for wound control, suture removal, further radiographic images  of the operated foot and gait training by our UK trained physiotherapist, would be done in the facilities of Clinica SANDALF.

 You should be allowed full weight bearing through the operated leg after three weeks, with the foot still being protected by the special boot. This boot shall be removed after six weeks and you should be able to return to normal daily, none impact activities. You should be able to return to normal sports activities, including playing running sports at about twelve weeks after the surgery. The two little screws used to fix the re-aligned bone do not require removal at any later stage.

Other medical conditions of the foot, like surgery for arthritis of the mid-foot (fusion) or the ankle (prosthesis, fusion) are also frequently performed by orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Alf Neuhaus.

If you are a UK- citizen you are entitled to a refund of the costs for the surgery by the UK NHS of up to 80%. Our team would be very happy to assist you with the paper work. Please be aware that it is yet not clear if this NHS support would still be available after the Brexit.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us should you have any questions about foot surgery or any other orthopaedic problem.

Private Hospital

The private hospital used by UK-trained orthopaedic and trauma surgeon Dr. Alf Neuhaus is about 10 minutes’ drive away from his out- patient clinic Clinica SANDALF. This modern and fully equipped private hospital has all facilities needed, 4 state of the art operating theatres, intensive care unit and 24h on-call medical staff and physicians. All rooms are equipped with TV (Spanish, English, German), WiFi and an on-suite bathroom. 

The friendly and helpful staff speaks English, and orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Alf Neuhaus and his UK-trained physiotherapists will come in every day of your stay to look after you (wound control, pain medication, arranging further tests if needed, joint mobilization, etc.). Further follow ups for wound control, suture removal, further investigations like X-rays, joint mobilization and other will be performed using the clinic facilities following hospital discharge.

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